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Shattered Mirror World

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Andrew Gilchrist ~ guitar
Karyn Kuhl ~ drums
Judy Ann Nock ~ electric sitar, vocals
Debby Schwartz ~ bass, lead vocals
Louie Zhelesnik ~ guitar

Recording/production by Greg Talenfeld & psych-O-positive at OK Records, Nyack NY,
Mastered by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Mastering Labs Inc., Nyack NY,
Cover Art by Louie Zhelesnik
Copyright 2017 by psych-O-positive
Oliver Baer: lyrics
Psych-O-Positive: music


I live in a shadow mirror world
having enlisted in an army of fused glass soldiers
whose weapons of mass destruction were forged
from shards of a crystalline doll’s house
created by the ghosts of a master builder and his crew
The head, gabbing and leering, sends us out
his glassine tentacles
to gather up the enemy of the people
At night I lay down under burnt blood skies
tossing, turning, fighting
biting, kicking, scratching
wishing, wondering, wandering
in my dreams
to get back to you.