Asked to describe their music, the band states, “If you took all the great punk bands of the 80’s(like Gut Bank and Sexpod) and threw them in a blender with the best Riot Grrrl and Anti folk bands of the 90’s (like The Aquanettas, Debby Schwartz, The Sprinkle Genies, and tranceSenders) and you let that blender spin for the aughts to late teens and then at the dawn of2020, you took the blender and threw it full force into a brick wall, the sound of the glass shattering and the slow spill down the wall would sound just like Psych-O-Positive.”

The Story of Psych-O-Positive

Few bands have enjoyed the level of anticipation that surrounded the first public performance of the indie Hoboken NJ-based quintet, Psych-O-Positive. The buzz was palpable nearing theirMarch 2017 debut gig at Maxwell’s, the legendary club on Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ.Celebrating convalescence with a benefit concert for beloved writer and internet radio host Jack Silbert.  The Hudson Reporter, and H Mag lifestyle magazine all reported on the appearance of Hoboken’s supergroup before they ever hit the stage.  This arose from the fact that all members of Psych-O-Positive had fronted their own bands atone time or another. With the release of their debut single, “Blood (coming out of her whatever)”

in October of that same year, their supergroup reputation solidified in what described as “relentless rocking.”Self described as “psychedelic cave punk,” a term coined by the original drummer Karyn Kuhl.  The band was formed by musician Debby Schwartz, best known as lead singer and guitarist for the band The Aquanettas and bass player for the P.G. Six Band, as well as for her solo career at both Mercury and Twin Lakes Records. Schwartz is the driving creative force behind the band, and was able to bring a powerful group of accomplished musicians together to create a new sub genre of punk, blending political and psychedelic music.

Guitarist Andy Gilchrist grew up in Chappaqua, NY, where he was a founding member ofAndyPanda, The Troals and The Milky Substance. Later, he would go on to form the legendaryNew York City bands 40 Dog and The Sprinkle Genies. He provides vocals as well as lead guitar, and has often been described as part cephalopod and part 70’s Nauga Monster.

Judy Ann Nock, also from New York City, plays the electric sitar, bringing a decidedly distinct psychedelic vibe to the band. Before joining Psych-O-Positive, Judy was the lead singer and guitarist for the 1990’s East Village rock band, tranceSenders, best known for their extended hedonistic residencies at Hilly Kristal’s art club adjacent to CBGB’s, CB’s Gallery 313, where they played regularly every Friday night. Judy Ann is also an author of the Modern Witchcraft series of books published by Simon & Schuster. As one of the lyricists for Psych-O-Positive, listeners can sometimes uncover occult references and witchy vibes in her contributions to the band.

Louie Zhelesnik began his career in Seven Goat Day and went on to participate in The Postman Opera. He plays guitar in Psych-O-Positive, creating layered sonic soundscapes that cement the psychedelia. Louie is also the band manager, bringing a wealth of creative acumen to the band’s digital presence. From lyric videos to print graphics, Louie has distilled the aural elements of punk psychedelia into visual form as an auteur. Best known for large scale multimedia art events, Louie has also been the driving force behind events such as Exhibit October and has been known to produce popup speakeasies, as he is a master at making a scene.

Drummer Chuck Tumulty’s music career spans the spectrum from grooving funk jazz combos to heavy fuzzed out stoner rock bands. The one constant is that he plays for the song and aims to keep it musical, regardless of genre. He’s brought the beat and backing vocals to the Psychos since 2022. 

After their smash debut single, which garnered rave reviews and a lyric video with over 4,000 views, Psych-O-Positive went on to release a string of singles, all well-received and added to playlists globally. Radio stations regularly put Psych-O-Positive into rotation. Psych-O-Positive has been broadcast on WFMU, WDFU, WBAI, TheRetro.Rocks, KracRadio, and Strong Island Radio, among others. Their online following continues to grow as people across the world tune into the psychedelic cave punk that was created by Psych-O-Positive.


10/31/2017 Single “Blood (Coming Out of her Whatever)

2/21/2020 Single “Shattered Mirror World

5/22/2020 Single “75”

8/28/2020 Single “Make Me Wanna”

10/10/20 Single “Blood Remix”

2/14/21 Single “Overseas”

4/20/21 Single “Gummy Bear”

10/22/21 Single “Naked or Dead”

10/20/22 Single “Ivan Meets the Gummy Bear”

9/23/22 Single “Red Knee Socks”

Currently: The band is recording seven new tracks at OKrecords in Nyack NY. First single will be out Summer 2024.