For Immediate Release:

It's the Cramps meets The Addams Family theme song in a George Romero zombie flick and a ton of fun” - Jim Testa

Jim Testa ~


Naked or Dead

Naked or Dead is a gasoline-soaked psychobilly wild ride that tears through sinister streets with surf rock riffs and a drive-by vibe that gives a nod to Taj Mahal and James Rachell. Part searing media commentary and part ripped-from-the-headlines horror show, Naked or Dead by Psych-O-Positive takes the listener on a dangerous cave punk joyride through the back alleys of the black-market organ trade. You have been warned. 

The track was produced and mixed by Ivan Julian at Super Giraffe Sound in Brooklyn, NY. Julian, a guitarist and bassist, is best known for being a founding member of such punk groups as Richard Hell and the Voidoids and Lovelies.


From Left to Right

Karyn Kuhl ~ Drums, Vocals

Judy Ann Nock ~ Sitar, Lead Vocals

Andrew Gilchrist ~ Guitar

Debby Schwartz ~ Bass, Vocals

Louie Zhelesnik ~ Guitar

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