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Gummy Bear

We are proud to announce the release of our new single "Gummy Bear," out now on Dromedary Records. Gummy Bear is an iconoclastic attack on prohibition, a celebration of the mind unleashed. Hooked into the zeitgeist, screaming guitars, psychedelic sitar, and sotto voce harmonies are layered with sick licks that animate this highly infused track. There is no better way to kick off the end of a pandemic and usher in the roaring twenties 2.1 than with the complexity and color of a tune so intense that it’s practically edible.


Gummy Bear takes its cues from all sepia-tinged and Led Zeppelin wielding noisy riffs and cries for momma. It is great to hear a band wield a potent brand of this forgotten land” - mp3hugger

— mp3hugger

Song details

The track was produced and mixed by Greg Talenfeld of OK Records in Nyack, NY and originally recorded and engineered by Ivan Julian at Super Giraffe Sound in Brooklyn, NY. Julian, a guitarist and bassist, is best known for being a founding member of such punk groups as Richard Hell and the Voidoids and Lovelies. Talenfeld is a producer, engineer, songwriter and guitarist who has worked with bands like Pavement, The Walkmen, and P.G. Six to name a few. 

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Gummy Bear dives deep into the psychedelic blues groove, with echoing vocals, similar to the effects of Jamaican Dub. The repetitive lyrics don't make sense, they're just chanted as an incantation.” - Jim Testa NJ.Com

Jim Testa NJ.Com

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