75 seems to harken back to a time when things were simpler, and life, just a little bit funkier, and fuzzier.”

Santa Rosa Records

A rollicking stream of consciousness dance song that unfolds during the summer of 1975. In between the release of Jaws and the nerf football, we find a love letter neatly folded and tucked inside a back issue of Creem magazine. For all the Catholic school girls who smoked weed behind church, this one goes hard with carnival lights. 

“If you took all the great punk bands of the 80’s  (like Gut Bank and Sexpod) and threw them in a blender with the best Riot Grrrl and Antifolk bands of the 90’s (like The Aquanettas, The Sprinkle Genies, and tranceSenders) and you let that blender spin for the aughts to late teens and then at the dawn of 2020, you took the blender and threw it full force into a brick wall, the sound of the glass shattering and the slow spill down the wall would sound just like Psych-O-Positive.”

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