NEW SINGLE : Ivan Meets The Gummy Bear

Cool Neo-Psychedelic Fusion”

— Grotesqualizer

New Single ~ Ivan Meets The Gummy Bear


Ivan Meets The Gummy Bear on Youtube

A sonic free fall laced with distortion, Psych-O-Positive’s Gummy Bear gets dissected during lab class and punk legend Ivan Julian is wielding the scalpel.  The mix tastes like the edge of a brownie pan, so expect layers of guitar that crunch but are also chewy like the gummy you have come to know and love.  While this remix of Gummy Bear hits hard and grabs you for a wild ride, it promises to take you home safely but in an altered state.”


Sounds to me as if they are jamming to their hearts content here so it variates from a racket to a din that could have been playing backstage at Woodstock.”

— mp3hugger